Local to Solar Time Converter

PROGRAM LocalToSolarTime - This program uses the equations developed in this book to calculate the solar time (Eqn. 3.5) at a specified location, if you know the local (clock) time. In order to do this, you need to know whether or not it is daylight savings time, the local longitude, the day number (1 to 366) and your time zone. Time zones are specified as the number of hours east (+) or west (-) of Greenwich Mean Time zone. Examples are: Western Europe = +1 hours, Greenwich Mean Time = 0 hours, Eastern Standard Time = -5 hours, Central Standard Time = -6 hours, Mountain Standard Time = -7 hours and Pacific Standard Time is -8 hours. In this program, the simplified Equation of Time (Eqn. 3.2) is used.

Longitude (degrees): (negative west, and positive east of Prime Meridian)
Day Number:
Time Zone (hours from GMT): (negative west of GMT and positive east of GMT)
Daylight Savings Time? : (0 = no, 1 = yes)
Local (clock) Time (hr): (24-hour decimal format)


Local (clock) Time (hh:mm:ss) : :